Lies of the Magpie Ch 26 & 27

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Ep. 77 Enjoy these FREE sample chapters from the audio version of Lies of the Magpie.

In Chapter 26, Maleah discovers a computer file where Aaron has learned photo-editing by practicing on a picture of her. She compares the woman in the before and after photos and believes she is seeing how Aaron wishes he change her flaws. 

The tension builds and in Chapter 27, Maleah feels that her chest is going to explode. She needs help, but fears the ER will pump her full of psychotropic drugs, lock her in the psych ward, and take away her children. In a desperate cry for help, she knocks on an old friend’s door at midnight. 

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Listen to sample chapters from Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release, Lies of the Magpie, a memoir and discover the book readers are calling “riveting.” 

Things begins to unravel for Maleah as she juggles running a business and caring for newborn Jack while Kate starts kindergarten and Tanner resists giving up his crib to his new brother. 

Lies of the Magpie Update

LIes of the Magpie

Ep. 57 Lies of the Magpie UPDATE. Join Maleah today for an update on the upcoming publication of her award-winning memoir, Lies of the Magpie. Hear behind-the-scenes details about the editing process and learn why the Lies of the Magpie summer series ended abruptly. Stay tuned for the end to hear a funny true story that didn’t make it into the book. 

Lies of the Magpie UPDATE

What is Your Word for the New Year?

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Ep. 50 Welcome to the final episode of 2019. Today we discuss the power of choosing a WORD for the year rather than setting yet another New Year’s Resolution. We’ll talk about why our resolutions tend to fail and how choosing a word can set you up for success. 

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