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Leaning into Discomfort

Leaning Into Discomfort

Ep. 18 Leaning Into Discomfort Leaning in is a power principle with multiple applications. Today we’re discussing the power of leaning into discomfort in a specific area. I invite you
mom postpartum depression holds baby

Postpartum Depression with Amy-Rose White Part 2

Ep. 17 Conversations on Maternal Mental Health (continued) Episode 17 presents Part 2 of my conversation with Maternal Mental Health Specialist Amy-Rose White, LCSW. We discuss the importance of modeling
Maternal Mental Health Awarenes

Ep. 16 Postpartum Depression with Amy-Rose White, LCSW

Conversations on Maternal Mental Health Postpartum Health is a major concern for mothers, fathers, families, and has heavy societal impact. Worldwide, maternal depression is the most common serious health complication
Vibrant Motherhood

Ep. 15 Rally for Healthy Mothers

Below is a list of resources and opportunities to Rally for Healthy Moms during the month of May.  World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day May 1, 2019 Please sign the
The Power of Naming

Ep. 14 What Rumpelstilskin Teaches about Curing Depression

The name depression implies personal weakness. And people would rather be sick in secret than be perceived as weak in public. Cure “Depression” by Changing its Name I have an
The process of naming the animals demonstrated dominion over the earth.

Ep. 13 The Power of Naming

Power of Naming Have you ever had that feeling? Something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on what it is? Something is wrong with your child. Something is
Our goal isn't to achieve balance.

Ep. 12 The Power of Imbalance

The Power of Imbalance I used to believe that achieving balance was my life’s goal. I pictured a balanced life as a kind of Utopia, a paradise of bliss and
Permission to Be Bad at Playing Piano

Ep. 11 Permission to Be Bad at Things

Power of Permission Episode #11 “Permission to Be Bad at Things” wraps up our Power of Permission Series.  Permission is a power principle because too often we remain stuck in
Empower Kids Through Play

Ep. 10 Empower Kids Through PLAY

Empower Kids Through PLAY “The opportunity for kids to freely engage in play with one another has diminished considerably over the last 50 years.” Michael Yogman, AAP Research shows one
Give yourself permission to have a playful marriage

Ep 9 The Power of a PLAYFUL Marriage

The Power of a PLAYFUL Marriage A playful marriage is a powerful way to fuel and energize your life. Have you given yourself permission to have a playful marriage?  Don’t
Play to Beat Winter Blues

Ep. 8 The Power of PLAY to Beat Winter Blues

The Power of PLAY to Beat Winter Blues How do you beat winter blues? Does anyone else get sort of bluesy during the winter? After moving from year-round sunny Arizona
Permission to Play

Ep. 7 Permission to PLAY

Permission to PLAY Anyone who knew me back when is probably laughing at the idea of me doing a podcast episode about play. That is okay! I hope you have