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Power Principles Podcast

Woman with relaxed expression

Mind Full Vs. Mindful

Ep. 95  Maleah shares 3 simple tools to help clear the mental clutter in order to be less Mind Full and more Mindful. Listen to learn how to feel better now by emptying your mental trash.  SHOW NOTES: Get your FREE Lies of the Magpie Audiobook by signing up for

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Messenger Feelings

Ep. 93 Messenger Feelings3 Your feelings  are like packages delivered by UPS and those packages carry special messages meant just for you. Imagine if that delivery messenger can’t leave your house until you “receive” your message. Feelings are stored in the body and until we acknowledge and sign for them,

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Maleah Warner and Renee Vidor

3 Ways to Use Comparison for Good

Ep. 92 Maleah and special guest Renee Vidor talk about how to use comparison as a way to find ideas and inspiration in order to develop confidence rather than competition. If comparing yourself to others makes you feel lousy, this episode will teach you the WIN system to use comparison

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3 Ways to Manage the Failure Paradox

Ep. 91 Have you ever found yourself in a No-Win Pickle? This is the term I use to describe a situation where no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, despite  your good intentions you cannot win. I found myself in a No-Win Pickle after my 4th

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Girl running in field with balloons

Keep it LIGHT: 3 Ways to Lighten Your Mental Load

Ep. 89 The goal of today’s episode is to infuse you with LIGHT by offering 3 simple ways to access the power of “light” to lighten your mental load. Light has multiple connotations. Light is brightness and illumination. Light is carefree, not heavy. And light is also funny and cheerful.

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Abortion Law Empathy Agency

Abortion: Law, Empathy, and Agency

Ep. 88 If you ask whether I am pro-life or pro-choice I answer Yes and Yes. Why does society make you feel like you have to be one or the other? Personally I am pro-life. Empathetically, I am pro-choice. I believe a woman’s choice about the creation of life through

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Woman walking different paths

Politics & Abortion: Why I Don’t Vote Based On Abortion

Ep. 87 Join Maleah today as she discusses why she doesn’t vote based on the issue of abortion and why it’s important for religious voters to consider more issues than only abortion when making their final vote.  My Answer When People Ask Why I Don’t Vote Based on Abortion The

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Athletes wear masks, kneel or stand for national anthem

Right vs. Right

Ep. 86 What if we stop trying to figure out who is right and who is wrong and we realize that we can both be right? Today’s episode explores why our brains are hard-wired to label all things as good or bad, safe or dangerous, right or wrong. Hint: It’s

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Woman Read Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie 42 & 43

Ep. 85 In the previous chapter, Maleah discovered who Laiah is and finally understood what was making her sick. Now, she has to figure out how to get well. She brings Aaron to her next doctor’s appointment to do the hardest thing she knows she has to do: accept a

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women read on bench

Lies of the Magpie Ch 40 & 41

Ep.84 Listen to the pinnacle chapter of Lies of the Magpie. Maleah’s struggles and months of searching for how to heal her body finally come together in an unexpected way. Did you predict this twist?

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Woman read Lies of the Magpie in kitchen

Lies of the Magpie Ch 36 & 37

Ep. 82 In Chapters 36 & 37 of Lies of the Magpie, Maleah finds herself caught in a tug-of-war between allopathic and homeopathic medicine. She struggles to decide whether to take the prescribed thyroid medication or continue homeopathic treatment in hopes that her body can heal itself naturally.

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Woman reading the memoir Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 34 & 35

Ep. 81 In Ch 34 & 35 of Lies of the Magpie, Maleah is desperate to find help for healing her body, and following the recommendation of friends, she visits a homeopathic doctor in her area.  

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Husband and Wife reading Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 32 & 33

Ep. 80 Listen to these FREE sample chapters from the best-selling memoir Lies of the Magpie by Maleah Day Warner. In these chapters, Maleah questions whether she is “sick enough” to merit seeing a doctor. The challenge is that she isn’t bleeding, bruised, or having any specific pain. She knows

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Woman reading Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 30 & 31

Today’s audio selection brings listeners to the end of Part 2 and the beginning of Part 3. Chapter 30 I Need a Mother Feeling shaky and weak, Maleah gives a presentation to the Chamber of Commerce. Driving home she is dizzy and disoriented and doesn’t have breast milk to feed

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Woman smile reading Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 28 & 29

Ep 78 Sample a FREE audio selection of Amazon’s best-selling memoir on motherhood, Lies of the Magpie. In Chapter 28, Danny is rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery. Aaron returns home from the hospital, he stays awake all night to finish the magazine in time for deadline. Maleah

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Woman in grass reading book

Lies of the Magpie Ch 26 & 27

Ep. 77 Enjoy these FREE sample chapters from the audio version of Lies of the Magpie. In Chapter 26, Maleah discovers a computer file where Aaron has learned photo-editing by practicing on a picture of her. She compares the woman in the before and after photos and believes she is

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Amazon #1 New Release Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 24 & 25

Ep. 76 Today I’m sharing FREE audio sample chapter 24 & 25 from my best-selling memoir, Lies of the Magpie. In Ch. 24, Maleah finally schedules her 6-week postpartum checkup. Aaron wants her to ask Dr. Woods about postpartum depression. Maleah is unsure of what to ask. In Ch. 25,

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Lies of the Magpie Readers

BONUS AUDIO: Lies of the Magpie Ch 22 & 23

Listen to sample chapters from Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release, Lies of the Magpie, a memoir and discover the book readers are calling “riveting.”  Things begins to unravel for Maleah as she juggles running a business and caring for newborn Jack while Kate starts kindergarten and Tanner resists giving up

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Maleah Day Warner Homesewn Panties

Homesewn Panties

Ep. 73 Join author Maleah Day Warner for sample selections from her next book, Homesewn Panties. Maleah is coming of age and finding her place between Mormonism and Feminism all while wearing homesewn clothes.

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Lies of the Magpie Book Cover

BONUS AUDIO: Lies of the Magpie Ch 18 & 19

Ep. 72 Today’s episode is a FREE bonus audio selection from Maleah’s memoir, Lies of the Magpie featuring Chapters 18 -19. In these chapters, baby Jack has joined the family in a hectic way and life for the Warners is spinning like a merry-go-round. These chapters pull readers into the

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Claim Your Author Dream

Claim Your Dream: How I Started My Author Journey

Ep. 71 Do you have a dream buried inside you? Listen to hear Maleah answer a reader question about how she started her writing journey and became a published author of the memoir, Lies of the Magpie. Learn 4 Power Perspectives to help you claim your dream, break through the fear

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Planting Seeds What If You Don't See Results

Planting Seeds: What If I Don’t See Results

Ep. 70. Do you ever feel that you are working and working, but not seeing results? In the meantime, it seems that everything your neighbor touches turns to gold. So why bother? Why keep trying? Listen today to learn three important truths about work and results. The goal for this

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Maleah Warner Power Podcast image Mental Health Solutions

3 Common Mental Health Mistakes Pt 2

Today’s episode continues the discussion about common mistakes we make when responding to mental health issues. Join us to learn how fear is fertilizer for mental health issues and how forcing the “get well” can also exacerbate problems.  #2 FEAR Fear is fertilizer when it comes to mental health issues.

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3 Common Mental Health Mistakes

3 Common Mental Health Mistakes

Ep. 68 What are the three most common mistakes we make regarding mental health issues? Join the podcast to learn how our instinct to respond by ignoring issues, reacting with fear, or trying to force a recovery actually compound mental health issues. Learn simple things to do instead that will

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Woman and man sitting on park bench having a fight

Why You Fight with Your Spouse

Ep 67 Why do you fight with the person you love? Today we are talking about the explosive arguments that leave you and your partner feeling emotionally wounded. If you love your spouse and can’t figure out why you fight, this episode will show you the root cause for your

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Power of Empty Space

Empty Space

Ep. 65 Our human tendency is to be uncomfortable with empty space. An empty house, we want to fill with furniture. Empty bellies we want to fill with food. Empty calendars we want to fill with activity. Listen to the podcast to learn the POWER of EMPTY SPACE. We live

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Thorvaldsen's Original Christus

Denmark, Thorvaldsen’s Christus, & Hope

Ep. 64 Two years ago I traveled to Denmark and saw Thorvaldsen’s Original Christus Statue. Join the podcast to hear insights about life I learned from three of my favorite Thorvaldsen sculptures: Goddess of Hope, Thorvaldsen with Statue of Hope, and the Christus.  SHOW NOTES: Thorvaldsen Museum: Virtual Tour of

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Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Maleah Warner Podcast

5 Things INCREDIBLES 2 Teaches about Parenting during Coronavirus

Ep. 63 Parenting is hard, even if you have superhuman strength. While many of us are homebound during the coronavirus quarantine, attempting to balance work and homeschooling, the messages of Pixar’s animated film, Incredibles 2, seem especially apropos. Listen today for a fun re-cap of the of how this animated

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Trees Field Sunrise

Spiritual Encounters

Ep. 62 How do you define spirit and spirituality? The March 16, 2020 headline of the Wall Street Journal reads “Americans Hit Pause Button on Life.” Due to the coronavirus pandemic, America has shutdown its routines and activities: school, work, concerts, sports, worship, and gatherings. We are experiencing an unusual

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What to tell kids about COVID-19

Coronavirus: What To Tell Your Kids

Ep. 61 Coronavirus is leading to closures of schools and cancellations of sporting events, concerts, plays, dance and music competitions and church gatherings. Join the podcast to learn what 3 things NOT to say to kids and 3 things to say when kids are disappointed.  Show Notes: Singapore wins Praise

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choice versus decision

Choice vs Decision

Ep. 60 Do you make choices or decisions?  A choice is making a selection between a predetermined set of options. For example, what to wear from your closet or what to order from a menu. A decision is a determination of how you want your life to be. For example,

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Maleah Warner Podcast Me Monster

ME Monster

Ep 59 Are you a ME Monster? NO! Do you have a ME Monster? YES! If you are human and you’re breathing, you have a me monster. We all do. Join the podcast to learn three ways to keep your inner ME Monster in check in order to build relationships

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Power of Questions

Power Question: Why Am I Doing This?

Ep. 58 Power Question: Why Am I Doing This? Sometimes all it takes to change our perspective is asking the right question. Listen to this episode to learn my favorite question to ask to gain a new perspective.  Episode 2 What Do I Want

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LIes of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Update

Ep. 57 Lies of the Magpie UPDATE. Join Maleah today for an update on the upcoming publication of her award-winning memoir, Lies of the Magpie. Hear behind-the-scenes details about the editing process and learn why the Lies of the Magpie summer series ended abruptly. Stay tuned for the end to hear

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woman poses in tree

7 Weird Things I Do

Ep. 56  Do you ever wonder what weird habits, life hacks, and tricks other people use? Today Maleah shares 7 bizarre rituals she uses for health, focus, and energy. 7 Weird Things I Do Show Notes Brooke Snow Podcast Ep. 15 “Self Care Intro to Ayurveda” Power Podcast Ep. 55 Creating

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Creating Energy

Creating Energy

Ep. 55 Do you feel constantly tired? You don’t have to live with low energy. Listen to learn how you can create your own energy.  Creating Energy Click Here to watch Admiral William H McCraven’s Speech “Change the World”

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Simple Stretches to do Every Day

Do This ONE Thing Every Day

Ep. 54  What is ONE thing you can do EVERY day that is simple, short, and will have a BIG impact on your life? Listen to this episode to learn the powerful benefits of simple stretching. 

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How to see past our blindspots

Your Blind Spot

Ep. 53 Do you know you have chronic bad breath? Do people expect that you’ll be late? Does your voice sound more harsh than you intend? The things other people know about you that you don’t know about yourself is your blind spot. We all have blind spots, but we

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What If YOU Are the Problem?

Ep. 52 You know all those people and things who are messing up your life and stopping you from being able to be happy? What if they aren’t the problem? What if YOU are the source of your own unhappiness? Carl Jung said, “Everything that irritates us about others can

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eye glasses

2020 Vision: Perspective

Ep. 51 Welcome to a new season and a new theme: Power Perspective. Join Maleah this year to learn how to gain new PERSPECTIVE for 2020 VISION. Today Maleah shares how perspective helped her parents 50 years ago to make one of the hardest decisions of their life. They ignored

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New Years Resolution or Word

What is Your Word for the New Year?

Ep. 50 Welcome to the final episode of 2019. Today we discuss the power of choosing a WORD for the year rather than setting yet another New Year’s Resolution. We’ll talk about why our resolutions tend to fail and how choosing a word can set you up for success.  Add

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The Story of My Free Gay Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

Ep. 49 The following story is true. While the tree in the story was embellished, the facts have not been embellished.

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Be Present in the Moment

Christmas Presence

Ep. 48 In the frenzy of the holidays, how can you be present in the moment? In this episode we talk about three simple ways to be more present here and now during the holidays (and every day).  Christmas Presence

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Having enough for Christmas

ENOUGH for Christmas

Ep. 47  Today’s episode shares 3 simple ways to have enough for Christmas. Enough what? Enough everything. Enough time. Enough money. Enough patience.  How to Bestow the Gift of Enough for Yourself and Others

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Negative or Positive Thoughts

Where Do Thoughts Come From?

Ep. 46  Just because a thought appears in your mind does NOT mean it comes from YOU. On this episode, learn the 4 sources of thoughts and how to sort between thoughts that will move you forward and thoughts that will limit and sabotage your life. YOU are more than

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Morning Gratitude

Morning Thoughts

Ep. 45   Today’s episode is an invitation to take part in a fun and interesting self observation experiment. How would you like to dramatically propel your life forward without having to add one more thing to your calendar? without having to DO anything? In fact, how would you like to change

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self-sabotage limiting thoughts

How to Recognize Self-Sabotage

Ep. 43 Subscribe to receive Maleah’s Monday Message every week in your email. How to tell the difference between intuition and self-sabotage show notes

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Travel to Sao Paulo Brazil

BRAZIL: Ten Things I Didn’t Know

Ep. 42 What do you know about Sao Paulo, Brazil? Join me for stories and surprising experiences from my trip to Sao Paulo.  #10 BRAZIL is a Country of Immigrants Like my home country, the United States of America, Brazil consists of the true native indigenous tribes, such as the

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Greek War Horses Meekness

Why Meekness is the Super Power You Want

Ep. 41 Greek War Horses were “meeked” which meant they were trained to stay in battle rather than flee at the sound of loud canons. The Greek origin of the word meek is “praus” used to describe these strong and disciplined horses and means “strength controlled.”  Strength Controlled  In his

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John Lithgow Lindsey Stirling The Piano Guys Voice Male Josh Groban

Five of My Favorite Artists

Ep 40 I LOVE artists. Today I’m sharing stories of how five artists have colored my life.  I’m grateful for anyone who creates and shares on any level. It doesn’t matter if it’s amateur or professional, hobby or full-time gig.  Fro me, art is the sauce of life.  When I

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Victor Frankl

What If You Don’t Get Your Miracle?

Ep. 39 In times of struggle, asking WHY will drown you. Finding your WHAT will save you.  Today’s topic discusses what happens when life doesn’t go the way we expect, when things don’t turn out the way we want or hope. We’re talking about when stuff happens that just doesn’t make

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Ep. 38  This episode is all about STRESS and how to NOT feel stressed. The goal is to understand that it IS possible to have a lot on your plate and to NOT feel STRESSED about it. Listen to learn POWERFUL thoughts to help you to NOT feel STRESSED. THE PROBLEM

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Ch 12 Lies of the Magpie

Out of the Trenches I have heard of women who labored in the hospital for upwards of twenty four hours before at last giving the final push and welcoming their newborn into the world after a lengthy and excruciating ordeal. In my mind nothing could be more miserable than laboring

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Book Publishing

Finding a Publisher, Living the Dream

Ep 37 My Writing Journey to Publishing Today I’m talking honestly about getting published. I’m sharing the misconceptions I’ve had about becoming a published author as well as things I’ve learned about the publication process. I’m sharing fears, tears, and indecision.  Traditional vs Self Publishing Today writers have a lot

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Maslow's Hierarchy

Organized Chaos

Ep. 36 Organized Chaos is a Sign of Progress The purpose of today’s Power Principle is to help us UNDERSTAND that chaos is part of organization, so that we can be more comfortable with periods of CHAOS and so that you can manage and springboard from those moments of chaos

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Maleah Warner

BONUS: Lies of the Magpie

Bonus Reading This is a BONUS look ahead to future chapters. This is a selection from Chapter 25.  Kate’s hearing test is scheduled for this week. When we arrive at the lab, I see no signs of padded earphones from the 1970s or finger rubbing like other doctors have done.

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sad boys

Sidedoor Approaches to Solving Problems

Ep. 35 Three NEW Ways to Approach Your Problems How often do you hear you have to face your problems head-on? FACING PROBLEMS HEAD-ON Facing problems head-on sounds like the take-charge thing to do.  I’m a proactive problem-solver and that means I’m going to take the bull by the horns,

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maleah warner

Shine Time & School Blessings

Ep. 34 Five Reasons a Shine Time Strengthens Your Family Can you tell the people in the image are spelling SHINE? It’s subtle. One thing we do to replace the constant hunger for screens in our house is to have a family Shine Time. These are periodic showcases of what

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Ch 11 Lies of the Magpie

This is the REAL Chapter 11. Thanks for waiting.  Ch 11 The Hairpiece The road rolls under me, mile after mile passing beneath my tires without seeming to get me any closer to Tucson. I think of the miles I’ve covered in the past eleven months. Have they brought me

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reset screen time

Screen Time Reset for School

Ep. 33 How to Readjust Screen Time for the School Year Is your child struggling to readjust from summer screen time to school screen time? The issue we’re having at my house looks like this: the kids want to be constantly on the computer after school. Like, the minute they

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Maleah Warner

Ch. 10 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 32 Left at the Table Three is the hardest number of children. We adored Tanner, but adding the third child threw us completely off balance. For several months after bringing Tanner home from the hospital, we struggled to find our groove. “I’ve got Danny,” Aaron would say taking Danny

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Ch. 9 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 31 BABY #3 In the meantime, I got an epidural that nearly paralyzed me for life. Aaron fled to the furthest corner of the room and hid his face in his hands, peeking occasionally through his fingers to see if I was dead yet. The anesthesiologist inserted, pulled out,

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Maleah Warner Memoir

Ch. 8 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 30 Invisible Last night when I packed my suitcase, I opened my linen closet to find my bag of travel size items which I keep in a plastic storage bin on the bottom shelf.  A wave of shame made me tremble and I retrieved the bag, closed the lid

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Maleah Warner

Ch 7 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 29  The White House When I think back about the year after Kate’s birth, my memories come with the wonder of Dr. Jeckyl and the taint of  Mr. Hyde. I was genuinely happy; I wasn’t faking happy. I wasn’t “happy on the surface and sad underneath.” I was happy

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my journey healing through postpartum depression

Ch 6 Lies of the Magpie

Ep 28 Mothering Failure We brought Kate home and began adjusting to life as a family of four. Danny thought Kate was a toy that squeaked, moved, and cried if you poked it in the eyes. We set up a playpen in the family room—a protective perimeter to separate Danny

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Maleah Warner

Chapter 5 Lies of the Magpie

Ep 27 Bed Rest for an Overachiever In August I had my first prenatal appointment with my new Arizona obstetrician. The week leading up to the appointment I had started having contractions. I’d hoped the preterm labor I’d experienced with Danny was a fluke, a one-time thing. No such luck.

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Memoir story of my journey healing through postpartum depression and chronic.

Chapter 4 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 26 Stay At Home Mother The word default has two meanings. One, it connotes a failure to meet an obligation or expectation. And this is what happened. By the time I told Aaron the news about our imminent arrival, our internet store had still not made a single sale.

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giraffes, south africa

SOUTH AFRICA: What I Learned from My Travels

Ep. 25 South Africa A few weeks ago I left my monochromatic Utah County life (which I rarely do, even though I love diversity) and traveled thousands of miles around the globe to visit South Africa and Lesotho. I experienced diversity in culture, language, race, religion, food, plant and animal

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postpartum depression

Chapter 3 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 24 The Story of My Journey Healing Through Postpartum Depression and Chronic Illness Laiah was the first to see the flyer advertising the Miss Aspen Canyon Community College Pageant. “You should enter.” She ripped the flyer from its tack and handed it to me. “The winner gets a cash

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Postpartum Depression Memoir

Chapter 2 Lies of the Magpie

Ch. 2 Lies of the Magpie The story of my journey healing through postpartum depression and chronic illness.  The thing Aaron remembers most about me from college is my fast-paced walk around campus. His tennis class met at three o’clock at the courts across from my off-campus housing. For weeks

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Memoir story of my journey healing through postpartum depression and chronic.

Chapter 1 Lies of the Magpie

Ep.22 The Story of My Healing Journey The road I’m traveling stretches endlessly ahead across the Sonoran desert winding through a vast panorama of monotony. Each new mile looks exactly like the last.  Faster, I urge the engine forward pressing my foot deeper into the gas pedal of my husband’s

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New on the Podcast

What’s New On the Podcast This Summer?

New Summer Series I have a confession. I am nervous. My brain is working overtime throwing out all the reasons why I shouldn’t do what I’m planning to do this summer.  What is it? I am podcasting my book!!! Some of you are thinking, “Well, it’s about time.” Others, especially

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should i limit my child's screen time?

Why NOT to Limit Summer Screen Time

Ep. 19 Why NOT to Limit Summer Screen Time Has anybody else out there, like me, been fretting over the question: How am I going to control my kids’ screen time this summer? I know you are because it’s what we’re all talking about in our mom circles: How can

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Leaning into Discomfort

Leaning Into Discomfort

Ep. 18 Leaning Into Discomfort Leaning in is a power principle with multiple applications. Today we’re discussing the power of leaning into discomfort in a specific area. I invite you to stay with me to the end and I have an invitation that I think you’ll accept, even if you

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mom postpartum depression holds baby

Postpartum Depression with Amy-Rose White Part 2

Ep. 17 Conversations on Maternal Mental Health (continued) Episode 17 presents Part 2 of my conversation with Maternal Mental Health Specialist Amy-Rose White, LCSW. We discuss the importance of modeling emotional healthcare for our children as well as what dads, partners, and families can do to watch out for signs

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Maternal Mental Health Awarenes

Ep. 16 Postpartum Depression with Amy-Rose White, LCSW

Conversations on Maternal Mental Health Postpartum Health is a major concern for mothers, fathers, families, and has heavy societal impact. Worldwide, maternal depression is the most common serious health complication of maternity. I speak often about my own experiences with Postpartum Depression and the goal of this podcast is to

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Vibrant Motherhood

Ep. 15 Rally for Healthy Mothers

Below is a list of resources and opportunities to Rally for Healthy Moms during the month of May.  World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day May 1, 2019 Please sign the petition calling on the World Health Assembly and the UN World Health Organization to officially recognize World Maternal Mental Health

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The Power of Naming

Ep. 14 What Rumpelstilskin Teaches about Curing Depression

The name depression implies personal weakness. And people would rather be sick in secret than be perceived as weak in public. Cure “Depression” by Changing its Name I have an idea. A theory. I think that one reason Depression (and resulting suicide) is a rampant problem in society is because we

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The process of naming the animals demonstrated dominion over the earth.

Ep. 13 The Power of Naming

Power of Naming Have you ever had that feeling? Something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on what it is? Something is wrong with your child. Something is going on at work. Something is bothering your spouse. It’s there, but you feel powerless to fix it until you

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Our goal isn't to achieve balance.

Ep. 12 The Power of Imbalance

The Power of Imbalance I used to believe that achieving balance was my life’s goal. I pictured a balanced life as a kind of Utopia, a paradise of bliss and perfection. I believed that once I attained this Promised Land of Balance, I could kick off my shoes, find a

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Permission to Be Bad at Playing Piano

Ep. 11 Permission to Be Bad at Things

Power of Permission Episode #11 “Permission to Be Bad at Things” wraps up our Power of Permission Series.  Permission is a power principle because too often we remain stuck in place waiting for someone else to give us permission to move ahead. The truth is that no one is a

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Empower Kids Through Play

Ep. 10 Empower Kids Through PLAY

Empower Kids Through PLAY “The opportunity for kids to freely engage in play with one another has diminished considerably over the last 50 years.” Michael Yogman, AAP Research shows one of the best ways to empower kids is through play. Play helps kids develop problem-solving, decision-making, and risk-taking skills that

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Give yourself permission to have a playful marriage

Ep 9 The Power of a PLAYFUL Marriage

The Power of a PLAYFUL Marriage A playful marriage is a powerful way to fuel and energize your life. Have you given yourself permission to have a playful marriage?  Don’t Let Brain LIES Sabotage Your Marriage Marriage is a mindset. The most influential impact on a successful or failed relationship

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Play to Beat Winter Blues

Ep. 8 The Power of PLAY to Beat Winter Blues

The Power of PLAY to Beat Winter Blues How do you beat winter blues? Does anyone else get sort of bluesy during the winter? After moving from year-round sunny Arizona to four-season Utah, it took me a few years to realize that the sluggish, gloomy, “can’t seem to get my

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Permission to Play

Ep. 7 Permission to PLAY

Permission to PLAY Anyone who knew me back when is probably laughing at the idea of me doing a podcast episode about play. That is okay! I hope you have a really good laugh on my account. Over the years I have learned the hard way that all work and

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Happiness is not a Destination

Ep. 6 Permission to be Happy

Permission to BE HAPPY I learned this past week of two more young adult suicides. This is an epidemic. We are losing too many beautiful people to unnecessary deaths from treatable diseases. I remember being stuck in darkness that felt so real, heavy and impossible to fix. I didn’t want

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Ep. 5 Permission to Make Decisions

Permission to MAKE DECISIONS Have you given yourself PERMISSION to MAKE DECISIONS? Humans make an average of 35,000 remotely conscious decisions a day. If that statistic makes your feel more panicked than empowered, then you are in the right place. Making decisions can be confusing, overwhelming, and even paralyzing. And

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Make Your Life Easier

Ep. 4 Permission to Make Life Easier

Permission to Make Life Easier Today’s episode discusses 4 Principles to Make Life Easier. Last episode was about The Power of Permission and the different sources we look to gain permission. Today’s episodes addresses 4 specific permissions that can make life easier. We hear that life is supposed to be

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Power Permission

Ep. 3 The Power of Permission Part 1

The Power of Giving Yourself Permission Have you given yourself permission to do what you love? Often we think we need outside permission before we can pursue a goal or passion. Sometimes we think that other people know better what we can do. That’s not true! No one knows your

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What Do I Want

Ep. 2 What Do I Want? The Power of Desire

Do you KNOW what you WANT? Your DESIRES give you POWER. When did you last ask yourself, “What do I want?” and really listened for your deep-down answer. Are you ready for something more in your life, but don’t know where to start? Does your life seem to be full

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You have the power to decide your life.

Ep. 1 The Power of I Decide

You Have the Power to Choose Your Life What if you had a Superpower? What if you could leap over tall buildings? What if you could fly over any obstacle or break through any barrier? The truth is, we all have a Superpower. We have the Power of I Decide.

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Power Principles Podcast

Ep. 0 Intro: Is This Podcast Right for You?

Why I Created the Power Principles Podcast At age 31 I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression, an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s Thyroid), and a chronic illness (Epstein Barr). This podcast is a collection of the principles I’ve learned about healing my heart, mind, and body.  With those diagnoses, I was afraid that

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