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Power Principles Podcast

Maleah Warner Memoir

Ch. 8 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 30 Invisible Last night when I packed my suitcase, I opened my linen closet to find my bag of travel size items which I keep in a plastic storage bin on the bottom shelf.  A wave of shame made me tremble and I retrieved the bag, closed the lid

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Ch. 9 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 31 BABY #3 In the meantime, I got an epidural that nearly paralyzed me for life. Aaron fled to the furthest corner of the room and hid his face in his hands, peeking occasionally through his fingers to see if I was dead yet. The anesthesiologist inserted, pulled out,

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Maleah Warner

Ch. 10 Lies of the Magpie

Ep. 32 Left at the Table Three is the hardest number of children. We adored Tanner, but adding the third child threw us completely off balance. For several months after bringing Tanner home from the hospital, we struggled to find our groove. “I’ve got Danny,” Aaron would say taking Danny

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reset screen time

Screen Time Reset for School

Ep. 33 How to Readjust Screen Time for the School Year Is your child struggling to readjust from summer screen time to school screen time? The issue we’re having at my house looks like this: the kids want to be constantly on the computer after school. Like, the minute they

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Ch 11 Lies of the Magpie

This is the REAL Chapter 11. Thanks for waiting.  Ch 11 The Hairpiece The road rolls under me, mile after mile passing beneath my tires without seeming to get me any closer to Tucson. I think of the miles I’ve covered in the past eleven months. Have they brought me

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maleah warner

Shine Time & School Blessings

Ep. 34 Five Reasons a Shine Time Strengthens Your Family Can you tell the people in the image are spelling SHINE? It’s subtle. One thing we do to replace the constant hunger for screens in our house is to have a family Shine Time. These are periodic showcases of what

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sad boys

Sidedoor Approaches to Solving Problems

Ep. 35 Three NEW Ways to Approach Your Problems How often do you hear you have to face your problems head-on? FACING PROBLEMS HEAD-ON Facing problems head-on sounds like the take-charge thing to do.  I’m a proactive problem-solver and that means I’m going to take the bull by the horns,

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Maleah Warner

BONUS: Lies of the Magpie

Bonus Reading This is a BONUS look ahead to future chapters. This is a selection from Chapter 25.  Kate’s hearing test is scheduled for this week. When we arrive at the lab, I see no signs of padded earphones from the 1970s or finger rubbing like other doctors have done.

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Maslow's Hierarchy

Organized Chaos

Ep. 36 Organized Chaos is a Sign of Progress The purpose of today’s Power Principle is to help us UNDERSTAND that chaos is part of organization, so that we can be more comfortable with periods of CHAOS and so that you can manage and springboard from those moments of chaos

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Book Publishing

Finding a Publisher, Living the Dream

Ep 37 My Writing Journey to Publishing Today I’m talking honestly about getting published. I’m sharing the misconceptions I’ve had about becoming a published author as well as things I’ve learned about the publication process. I’m sharing fears, tears, and indecision.  Traditional vs Self Publishing Today writers have a lot

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Ch 12 Lies of the Magpie

Out of the Trenches I have heard of women who labored in the hospital for upwards of twenty four hours before at last giving the final push and welcoming their newborn into the world after a lengthy and excruciating ordeal. In my mind nothing could be more miserable than laboring

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Ep. 38  This episode is all about STRESS and how to NOT feel stressed. The goal is to understand that it IS possible to have a lot on your plate and to NOT feel STRESSED about it. Listen to learn POWERFUL thoughts to help you to NOT feel STRESSED. THE PROBLEM

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Victor Frankl

What If You Don’t Get Your Miracle?

Ep. 39 In times of struggle, asking WHY will drown you. Finding your WHAT will save you.  Today’s topic discusses what happens when life doesn’t go the way we expect, when things don’t turn out the way we want or hope. We’re talking about when stuff happens that just doesn’t make

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John Lithgow Lindsey Stirling The Piano Guys Voice Male Josh Groban

Five of My Favorite Artists

Ep 40 I LOVE artists. Today I’m sharing stories of how five artists have colored my life.  I’m grateful for anyone who creates and shares on any level. It doesn’t matter if it’s amateur or professional, hobby or full-time gig.  Fro me, art is the sauce of life.  When I

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Greek War Horses Meekness

Why Meekness is the Super Power You Want

Ep. 41 Greek War Horses were “meeked” which meant they were trained to stay in battle rather than flee at the sound of loud canons. The Greek origin of the word meek is “praus” used to describe these strong and disciplined horses and means “strength controlled.”  Strength Controlled  In his

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