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Power Principles Podcast

Travel to Sao Paulo Brazil

BRAZIL: Ten Things I Didn’t Know

Ep. 42 What do you know about Sao Paulo, Brazil? Join me for stories and surprising experiences from my trip to Sao Paulo.  #10 BRAZIL is a Country of Immigrants Like my home country, the United States of America, Brazil consists of the true native indigenous tribes, such as the

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self-sabotage limiting thoughts

How to Recognize Self-Sabotage

Ep. 43 Subscribe to receive Maleah’s Monday Message every week in your email. How to tell the difference between intuition and self-sabotage show notes

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Morning Gratitude

Morning Thoughts

Ep. 45   Today’s episode is an invitation to take part in a fun and interesting self observation experiment. How would you like to dramatically propel your life forward without having to add one more thing to your calendar? without having to DO anything? In fact, how would you like to change

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Negative or Positive Thoughts

Where Do Thoughts Come From?

Ep. 46  Just because a thought appears in your mind does NOT mean it comes from YOU. On this episode, learn the 4 sources of thoughts and how to sort between thoughts that will move you forward and thoughts that will limit and sabotage your life. YOU are more than

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Having enough for Christmas

ENOUGH for Christmas

Ep. 47  Today’s episode shares 3 simple ways to have enough for Christmas. Enough what? Enough everything. Enough time. Enough money. Enough patience.  How to Bestow the Gift of Enough for Yourself and Others

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Be Present in the Moment

Christmas Presence

Ep. 48 In the frenzy of the holidays, how can you be present in the moment? In this episode we talk about three simple ways to be more present here and now during the holidays (and every day).  Christmas Presence

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New Years Resolution or Word

What is Your Word for the New Year?

Ep. 50 Welcome to the final episode of 2019. Today we discuss the power of choosing a WORD for the year rather than setting yet another New Year’s Resolution. We’ll talk about why our resolutions tend to fail and how choosing a word can set you up for success.  Add

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eye glasses

2020 Vision: Perspective

Ep. 51 Welcome to a new season and a new theme: Power Perspective. Join Maleah this year to learn how to gain new PERSPECTIVE for 2020 VISION. Today Maleah shares how perspective helped her parents 50 years ago to make one of the hardest decisions of their life. They ignored

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What If YOU Are the Problem?

Ep. 52 You know all those people and things who are messing up your life and stopping you from being able to be happy? What if they aren’t the problem? What if YOU are the source of your own unhappiness? Carl Jung said, “Everything that irritates us about others can

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How to see past our blindspots

Your Blind Spot

Ep. 53 Do you know you have chronic bad breath? Do people expect that you’ll be late? Does your voice sound more harsh than you intend? The things other people know about you that you don’t know about yourself is your blind spot. We all have blind spots, but we

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Simple Stretches to do Every Day

Do This ONE Thing Every Day

Ep. 54  What is ONE thing you can do EVERY day that is simple, short, and will have a BIG impact on your life? Listen to this episode to learn the powerful benefits of simple stretching. 

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Creating Energy

Creating Energy

Ep. 55 Do you feel constantly tired? You don’t have to live with low energy. Listen to learn how you can create your own energy.  Creating Energy Click Here to watch Admiral William H McCraven’s Speech “Change the World”

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woman poses in tree

7 Weird Things I Do

Ep. 56  Do you ever wonder what weird habits, life hacks, and tricks other people use? Today Maleah shares 7 bizarre rituals she uses for health, focus, and energy. 7 Weird Things I Do Show Notes Brooke Snow Podcast Ep. 15 “Self Care Intro to Ayurveda” Power Podcast Ep. 55 Creating

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