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Power Principles Podcast

LIes of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Update

Ep. 57 Lies of the Magpie UPDATE. Join Maleah today for an update on the upcoming publication of her award-winning memoir, Lies of the Magpie. Hear behind-the-scenes details about the editing process and learn why the Lies of the Magpie summer series ended abruptly. Stay tuned for the end to hear

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Power of Questions

Power Question: Why Am I Doing This?

Ep. 58 Power Question: Why Am I Doing This? Sometimes all it takes to change our perspective is asking the right question. Listen to this episode to learn my favorite question to ask to gain a new perspective.  Episode 2 What Do I Want

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Maleah Warner Podcast Me Monster

ME Monster

Ep 59 Are you a ME Monster? NO! Do you have a ME Monster? YES! If you are human and you’re breathing, you have a me monster. We all do. Join the podcast to learn three ways to keep your inner ME Monster in check in order to build relationships

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choice versus decision

Choice vs Decision

Ep. 60 Do you make choices or decisions?  A choice is making a selection between a predetermined set of options. For example, what to wear from your closet or what to order from a menu. A decision is a determination of how you want your life to be. For example,

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What to tell kids about COVID-19

Coronavirus: What To Tell Your Kids

Ep. 61 Coronavirus is leading to closures of schools and cancellations of sporting events, concerts, plays, dance and music competitions and church gatherings. Join the podcast to learn what 3 things NOT to say to kids and 3 things to say when kids are disappointed.  Show Notes: Singapore wins Praise

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Trees Field Sunrise

Spiritual Encounters

Ep. 62 How do you define spirit and spirituality? The March 16, 2020 headline of the Wall Street Journal reads “Americans Hit Pause Button on Life.” Due to the coronavirus pandemic, America has shutdown its routines and activities: school, work, concerts, sports, worship, and gatherings. We are experiencing an unusual

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Thorvaldsen's Original Christus

Denmark, Thorvaldsen’s Christus, & Hope

Ep. 64 Two years ago I traveled to Denmark and saw Thorvaldsen’s Original Christus Statue. Join the podcast to hear insights about life I learned from three of my favorite Thorvaldsen sculptures: Goddess of Hope, Thorvaldsen with Statue of Hope, and the Christus.  SHOW NOTES: Thorvaldsen Museum: Virtual Tour of

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Power of Empty Space

Empty Space

Ep. 65 Our human tendency is to be uncomfortable with empty space. An empty house, we want to fill with furniture. Empty bellies we want to fill with food. Empty calendars we want to fill with activity. Listen to the podcast to learn the POWER of EMPTY SPACE. We live

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play rests

Playing the Rests

Ep 66 In music a rest is an interval of silence, a pause between notes. These moments of silence are what makes the difference between music and noise. Listen to learn how to use spaces of time in your life to define what happens in between. 

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Woman and man sitting on park bench having a fight

Why You Fight with Your Spouse

Ep 67 Why do you fight with the person you love? Today we are talking about the explosive arguments that leave you and your partner feeling emotionally wounded. If you love your spouse and can’t figure out why you fight, this episode will show you the root cause for your

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3 Common Mental Health Mistakes

3 Common Mental Health Mistakes

Ep. 68 What are the three most common mistakes we make regarding mental health issues? Join the podcast to learn how our instinct to respond by ignoring issues, reacting with fear, or trying to force a recovery actually compound mental health issues. Learn simple things to do instead that will

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Maleah Warner Power Podcast image Mental Health Solutions

3 Common Mental Health Mistakes Pt 2

Today’s episode continues the discussion about common mistakes we make when responding to mental health issues. Join us to learn how fear is fertilizer for mental health issues and how forcing the “get well” can also exacerbate problems.  #2 FEAR Fear is fertilizer when it comes to mental health issues.

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Planting Seeds What If You Don't See Results

Planting Seeds: What If I Don’t See Results

Ep. 70. Do you ever feel that you are working and working, but not seeing results? In the meantime, it seems that everything your neighbor touches turns to gold. So why bother? Why keep trying? Listen today to learn three important truths about work and results. The goal for this

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Claim Your Author Dream

Claim Your Dream: How I Started My Author Journey

Ep. 71 Do you have a dream buried inside you? Listen to hear Maleah answer a reader question about how she started her writing journey and became a published author of the memoir, Lies of the Magpie. Learn 4 Power Perspectives to help you claim your dream, break through the fear

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