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Lies of the Magpie Book Cover

BONUS AUDIO: Lies of the Magpie Ch 18 & 19

Ep. 72 Today’s episode is a FREE bonus audio selection from Maleah’s memoir, Lies of the Magpie featuring Chapters 18 -19. In these chapters, baby Jack has joined the family in a hectic way and life for the Warners is spinning like a merry-go-round. These chapters pull readers into the

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Maleah Day Warner Homesewn Panties

Homesewn Panties

Ep. 73 Join author Maleah Day Warner for sample selections from her next book, Homesewn Panties. Maleah is coming of age and finding her place between Mormonism and Feminism all while wearing homesewn clothes.

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Lies of the Magpie Readers

BONUS AUDIO: Lies of the Magpie Ch 22 & 23

Listen to sample chapters from Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release, Lies of the Magpie, a memoir and discover the book readers are calling “riveting.”  Things begins to unravel for Maleah as she juggles running a business and caring for newborn Jack while Kate starts kindergarten and Tanner resists giving up

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Amazon #1 New Release Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 24 & 25

Ep. 76 Today I’m sharing FREE audio sample chapter 24 & 25 from my best-selling memoir, Lies of the Magpie. In Ch. 24, Maleah finally schedules her 6-week postpartum checkup. Aaron wants her to ask Dr. Woods about postpartum depression. Maleah is unsure of what to ask. In Ch. 25,

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Woman in grass reading book

Lies of the Magpie Ch 26 & 27

Ep. 77 Enjoy these FREE sample chapters from the audio version of Lies of the Magpie. In Chapter 26, Maleah discovers a computer file where Aaron has learned photo-editing by practicing on a picture of her. She compares the woman in the before and after photos and believes she is

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Woman smile reading Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 28 & 29

Ep 78 Sample a FREE audio selection of Amazon’s best-selling memoir on motherhood, Lies of the Magpie. In Chapter 28, Danny is rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery. Aaron returns home from the hospital, he stays awake all night to finish the magazine in time for deadline. Maleah

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Woman reading Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 30 & 31

Today’s audio selection brings listeners to the end of Part 2 and the beginning of Part 3. Chapter 30 I Need a Mother Feeling shaky and weak, Maleah gives a presentation to the Chamber of Commerce. Driving home she is dizzy and disoriented and doesn’t have breast milk to feed

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Husband and Wife reading Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 32 & 33

Ep. 80 Listen to these FREE sample chapters from the best-selling memoir Lies of the Magpie by Maleah Day Warner. In these chapters, Maleah questions whether she is “sick enough” to merit seeing a doctor. The challenge is that she isn’t bleeding, bruised, or having any specific pain. She knows

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Woman reading the memoir Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie Ch 34 & 35

Ep. 81 In Ch 34 & 35 of Lies of the Magpie, Maleah is desperate to find help for healing her body, and following the recommendation of friends, she visits a homeopathic doctor in her area.  

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Woman read Lies of the Magpie in kitchen

Lies of the Magpie Ch 36 & 37

Ep. 82 In Chapters 36 & 37 of Lies of the Magpie, Maleah finds herself caught in a tug-of-war between allopathic and homeopathic medicine. She struggles to decide whether to take the prescribed thyroid medication or continue homeopathic treatment in hopes that her body can heal itself naturally.

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women read on bench

Lies of the Magpie Ch 40 & 41

Ep.84 Listen to the pinnacle chapter of Lies of the Magpie. Maleah’s struggles and months of searching for how to heal her body finally come together in an unexpected way. Did you predict this twist?

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Woman Read Lies of the Magpie

Lies of the Magpie 42 & 43

Ep. 85 In the previous chapter, Maleah discovered who Laiah is and finally understood what was making her sick. Now, she has to figure out how to get well. She brings Aaron to her next doctor’s appointment to do the hardest thing she knows she has to do: accept a

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Athletes wear masks, kneel or stand for national anthem

Right vs. Right

Ep. 86 What if we stop trying to figure out who is right and who is wrong and we realize that we can both be right? Today’s episode explores why our brains are hard-wired to label all things as good or bad, safe or dangerous, right or wrong. Hint: It’s

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