Experience Creative Freedom Today

Experience Creative Freedom Today

Open a new box of Crayolas.
Inhale deeply.
(Aahhhh, new crayon box, my favorite first grade scent.)
Choose your favorite color.
Sky blue, no, carnation, no, burnt orange – oh, go ahead and use all the colors.
Write a story in crayon.

Feel what children feel.
Experience what children don’t feel –


use kindirgoten speling leave out punctuation draw a picture

Give yourself permission to create – imperfectly, authentically.

Proudly display your story on the refrigerator, adhered with masking tape or a Tweetie Birdmagnet. Mail your creation to your mother, folded in a bulky square and stuffed crookedly in an old fashioned envelop – aaah the taste of sealing an envelop. Remember when an upside down stamp on a letter meant I Love You.

Experience Creation.

Go to the neighbor’s monkey bars and do a trick.
“Look at me, look at me”.

Children are not smaller versions of adults; they are a different species entirely (unless poisoned by criticism or too much correction).
They are self-forgiving, creatively expressive, and free with imaginative experimentation.

Write like a child.

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