2021 Intro Season 3: Power Words

Letter Typeset Words

Ep 100 Welcome to Season 3 of Power Principles. Today’s episode introduces our 2021 theme which is Power Words. Each month will focus on one power word designed to help you change your brain in order to make faster decisions, be more confident, solve problems, and overcome sabotage to achieve your dreams. Each of the 12 words this season is selected for its power to change your subconscious brain. Join Maleah for an amazing season.

Celebrating Two Years: Top Ten Favorite Power Principles Episodes

Top Ten Episodes

Are you new to Power Principles? Episode 99 shares the Top Ten listener favorite from the first two seasons. Tune in to hear episode clips and listeners’ takeaways.

Warner Family Favorite Christmas Eve Stories

Warner Family by Christmas Tree

Ep. 98 To celebrate the holidays, the Warner Family is sharing their Christmas Eve tradition. Each family member creates a story, poem, song, or play highlighting a memory from the year to share on Christmas Eve. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites and hope they bring a smile to you this year. Most of all, we wish you a healthy and memorable holiday season. Love, The Warner Family

The Power of Podcasting

Woman with headphones talking into microphone

Ep. 97 Maleah Warner shares thoughts about two years of hosting the Power Podcast. Listen to learn why she started the podcast, what unexpected surprises have resulted from producing this podcast, and get a sneak preview of where the podcast is going in 2021.

Show Notes:

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Ep 35 Sidedoor Approaches to Solving Problems

The Power of Problems

man leaping over rocks

Ep. 96 Does your life consist of solving one problem after another? Do you ever feel that if you could get all of your problems solved once and for all, then you could finally be happy? Listen to learn WHY problems are good and WHY the goal isn’t to not have problems. The goal is to have higher quality problems. 

Mind Full Vs. Mindful

Woman with relaxed expression

Ep. 95  Maleah shares 3 simple tools to help clear the mental clutter in order to be less Mind Full and more Mindful. Listen to learn how to feel better now by emptying your mental trash. 


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Diabetic Ketoacidosis: What I’ve Learned After 4 Days with My Daughter in ICU

girl gives insulin shot

Ep. 94 Maleah shares the experience of her daughter being diagnosed as a new onset Type 1 Diabetic. 

Messenger Feelings

Ep. 93 Messenger Feelings3

Your feelings  are like packages delivered by UPS and those packages carry special messages meant just for you. Imagine if that delivery messenger can’t leave your house until you “receive” your message. Feelings are stored in the body and until we acknowledge and sign for them, they will get louder and uglier. Today we are talking about validating and understanding the important messages delivered in your feelings.

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3 Ways to Use Comparison for Good

Maleah Warner and Renee Vidor

Ep. 92 Maleah and special guest Renee Vidor talk about how to use comparison as a way to find ideas and inspiration in order to develop confidence rather than competition. If comparing yourself to others makes you feel lousy, this episode will teach you the WIN system to use comparison for your good.