3 Common Mental Health Mistakes Pt 2

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Today’s episode continues the discussion about common mistakes we make when responding to mental health issues. Join us to learn how fear is fertilizer for mental health issues and how forcing the “get well” can also exacerbate problems. 


Fear is fertilizer when it comes to mental health issues.

Why is our first instinct to be afraid of mental health?

Because, mental health has been horribly stigmatized in movies and in society. The problems is lumping everyday mental health issues under the same umbrella as insanity or psychosis. It’s time to end the belief that a mental health disorder equates to being crazy. Additionally, it’s time to end the assumption that a mental health disorder is a character weakness or bad behavior.

#3 Forcing the Get Well

Our human tendency is to fix anything that’s broken. On the surface, this sounds like a noble effort. But what about when broken is beautiful? What about if broken is just right.

Our instinct to rush in to repair anything that’s broken may send a message that our loved ones aren’t enough as they are. We have human bodies and human brains, and often our to-do lists far exceed our human ability. When we fall short, we feel frustrated with ourselves for not being able to perform at a higher level. What if life isn’t about productivity? What if life is about presence? What if you have a period of time when you can only function at 50% of normal? That’s okay! What if you feel yucky? That’s okay. You can feel yucky and still be a good mom. You may not be a Pinterest mom. That’s okay! You’re children don’t want a the Pinterest version of you, they want the real YOU.


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