Maleah's Debut Memoir Wins Awards

Lies of the Magpie is the page-turning story of a pregnant woman who is lost and in labor in the Arizona desert.

Plagued with unrelenting thoughts of inadequacy, Maleah ventures on a solo drive to prove she’s more than just a stay-at-home-mom. When the contractions climax, she must prepare to deliver her own baby alone in the desert.

After the distressing birth, Maleah tries to escape the stigma of taking antidepressants by struggling to heal from postpartum depression without medication. Her health, marriage, and future hang in the balance as she searches and eventually finds her identity in an unexpected place.  

Discover this transformative reading experience.

Next from Maleah

Maleah is coming of age and finding her place between Mormonism and Feminism all while wearing home-made clothes. Follow the misadventures of growing up a Mormon Democrat in rural Utah in Maleah’s next memoir. 

Listen to the first chapter of Homesewn Panties and receive updates on the release.

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About Maleah

@MaleahWarner loves mothering and writing and tries to merge the two as often as possible. She’s an advocate for mothering resources and education, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression. You can find her award-winning, debut memoir Lies of the Magpie on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or listen to the audiobook on Audible. 

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