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Maleah Warner

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Power Principles to Fuel Your Life

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Thorvaldsen's Original Christus

Denmark, Thorvaldsen’s Christus, & Hope

Ep. 64 Two years ago I traveled to Denmark and saw Thorvaldsen’s Original Christus Statue. Join the podcast to hear insights about life I learned from three of my favorite Thorvaldsen sculptures: Goddess of Hope, Thorvaldsen with Statue of Hope, and the Christus.  SHOW NOTES: Thorvaldsen Museum: Virtual Tour of

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Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Maleah Warner Podcast

5 Things INCREDIBLES 2 Teaches about Parenting during Coronavirus

Ep. 63 Parenting is hard, even if you have superhuman strength. While many of us are homebound during the coronavirus quarantine, attempting to balance work and homeschooling, the messages of Pixar’s animated film, Incredibles 2, seem especially apropos. Listen today for a fun re-cap of the of how this animated

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Trees Field Sunrise

Spiritual Encounters

Ep. 62 How do you define spirit and spirituality? The March 16, 2020 headline of the Wall Street Journal reads “Americans Hit Pause Button on Life.” Due to the coronavirus pandemic, America has shutdown its routines and activities: school, work, concerts, sports, worship, and gatherings. We are experiencing an unusual

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