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What happens when an ambitious girl grows up to be a mother?

Warner’s debut memoir is Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert) for the stay-at-home mother who longs for a journey of self-discovery without leaving home or arranging a babysitter. 

Maleah thinks being a stay-at-home mom makes her inferior to other successful women. Plagued with unrelenting thoughts of inadequacy, she struggles to heal from postpartum depression without medication. Her search to save her body, her marriage, and her family leads to an unexpected revelation and the discovery of joy and health hidden within the heart of mothering.

Lies of the Magpie flows with humor and witty observation, escorting the reader on an unparalleled narrative experience. 

Discover this not-to-be-missed, transformative reading experience.

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Lies of the Magpie Book Cover

BONUS AUDIO: Lies of the Magpie Ch 18 & 19

Ep. 72 Today’s episode is a FREE bonus audio selection from Maleah’s memoir, Lies of the Magpie featuring Chapters 18 -19. In these chapters, baby Jack has joined the family in a hectic way and life for the Warners is spinning like a merry-go-round. These chapters pull readers into the

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Claim Your Author Dream

Claim Your Dream: How I Started My Author Journey

Ep. 71 Do you have a dream buried inside you? Listen to hear Maleah answer a reader question about how she started her writing journey and became a published author of the memoir, Lies of the Magpie. Learn 4 Power Perspectives to help you claim your dream, break through the fear

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Planting Seeds What If You Don't See Results

Planting Seeds: What If I Don’t See Results

Ep. 70. Do you ever feel that you are working and working, but not seeing results? In the meantime, it seems that everything your neighbor touches turns to gold. So why bother? Why keep trying? Listen today to learn three important truths about work and results. The goal for this

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About Maleah

Maleah Warner @MaleahWarner is the award-winning author of Lies of the Magpie, a wife, mother, podcaster, teacher, and mentor. 

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