Moms Club at the American Fork Library


A class and support group for MOMS! 

Do you love being a mom, but miss connecting with other women, learning new ideas, and engaging in intellectually-stimulating conversation? 

This class is for you!

Bring your child(ren) and join us for a 30-minute lesson followed by questions, answers, and discussion.

*See topic schedule below. 

Thursdays (starts March 21st)

10:00 to 11:00 am 

American Fork Library (Gardener Room).

8-Week Class

Thurs. March 21st through Thurs. May 23rd 2019. 

Registration is FREE.

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(*Registration is not required to attend)

Class Topic Schedule

Thurs. March 21st    “I Had a Baby & Lost My Brain”  MIND: the MENTAL Work of Mothering

Thurs. March 28th    “My Body is Freaking Out”          BODY: the PHYSICAL Work of Mothering

Thurs.  April 4th         NO CLASS due to Spring Break

Thurs. April 11th       “Why Can’t I Stop Crying?”          HEART: the EMOTIONAL Work of Mothering  

Thurs. April 18th       “I Don’t Feel GOOD”                     POSTPARTUM RECOVERY: Sore Breasts, Episiotomy Scars, Sleepless Nights, Suppressed                                                                                                            Immune  System, Hormones, Stress, Worry – It all wreaks havoc on the body. How to stay healthy.

Thurs. April 25th       “My thoughts are CRAZY”          POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION/ANXIETY

Thurs. May 3rd          “I Had a Baby & Lost Myself”     IDENTITY & WORTH: Finding ME in Mothering

Thurs. May 9th          “SAHM vs Working Mom”           LABELS: Why it’s time to throw out the labels.

Thurs. May 16th        “Why am I Soooo Tired?”            WORK, REST, & PLAY: How to Recharge Your Batteries

Thurs. May 23rd        “Why Can’t I Get it All Done?”     BALANCE:  Why You Actually Don’t Want Balance. 

Thurs. May 30th        NO CLASS for Summer Break