Let me introduce myself

Maleah: An Introduction to My Writing, In My Own Words Trapping Life with a Word Net I was tracing over-sized tropical flowers onto long strips of colored butcher paper, the kind you find on [...]


Did you know?   That I have a fear of being blown into the Grand Canyon. And did you know? That in a dust-covered cardboard box labeled “Maleah’s college stuff” is a rumpled [...]

Perfection (Re)Defined

As a scrawny, buck-toothed twelve year old, I slowly filled my piggy bank with wages earned babysitting. One of my regular gigs took me to a home where five sticky kids ate on paper plates, and [...]

The Dr. Phil Post

“How’s that been working for ya?” When Dr. Phil listens to a troubled soul explain what she thinks, feels, and does about her woes, he asks, “How’s that been working [...]

Holding On to My Head

This is Me Today If you see my head rolling down your street, it’s not the gory end of our Halloween story, it’s that I’ve lost my grip. Not my grip on reality – my grip [...]

A Wintry Poem

Ode to a Snow Shovel My kitchen drawer beds a dandy tool, Used January through December Yule. I mix a bowl of chocolate dream, It scrapes the sides and folds in the cream. When I need to stir, [...]

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