What I’ve Been Doing While I Haven’t Been Blogging

What I Did This Summer
#1  I Wrote a Book
This summer I finished the 10th Draft (Yes, that is the number TEN) of my book.
Do I daresay that the book is finished?

I printed several copies.
So far, thirteen people (not including myself) have read the book. The feedback is really good.
I’ll blog more about it another day.
Don’t fret, now. I promise, I will.
#2  I Turned 40

Here’s the cake,

the decorations,

and the dorky siblings.
They skewered me and kept roasting until I weren’t nuttin’ but a burnt crisp.
Don’t know why my parents aren’t in the picture; they were there also. Probably they don’t like to claim us when we get to acting that way.
* * *

# 3  I  Remodeled our Kitchen
I will blog more about the remodel.  I will. Now don’t go getting too excited, but I might even include some video.
* * *

#4  I Attended My Big Fat Utah Family Reunion

These two started the whole mess fifty years ago …

then the problem expounded . . .

and now look at the chaos.
It was an amazing summer. More details on all of this to come.
I promise.

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News of My Boy Jimmer

In case you missed the news . . .
My boy Jimmer has been traded to (of all teams) the Chicago Bulls.
He’s been so busy lately he hasn’t had time to hang around in our family room for a while, but still, we’re so proud of him. Any mother would be.
Check him out.

What a game! (Still with the Kings in February.)

And here’s his debut with Da Bulls.
He looks good in red.

Good job, Jimmer. Proud of you.
* * * * *

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Kissing Treadmill


I admire runners.

I admire runners as they dash past my front porch where I sit in my chair dipping chocolate chip cookies in milk.

People say that the secret to running is to find your rhythm, then running becomes a pleasure. They get addicted to the feeling and (like the worst heroin addicts) will go to extreme measures to get their fix; extreme measures such as running twenty six consecutive miles. In a row.

I have never experienced pleasure in running. It’s like there’s a Twilight Zone for runners than I have yet to discover.

“Listen to music while you run,” my husband says. “It’s way better.”

So Saturday at the local fitness center, I climb aboard a treadmill, put my iPhone in the pocket of my shorts, stuff in the earbuds, and fire up Pandora. The music really does help, and soon I have upped the treadmill speed to a robust jog.

I hit a half-mile and, surprisingly, my body is not begging to quit.

Could it be? Am I entering that zone of Runner’s Rhythm? . . .

I’ll never know, because at that moment (probably due to my less-than-smooth gait) my iPhone leaps out of my pocket, hits the treadmill, and is catapulted into the machine directly behind me. The crunch at impact does not sound good.

I panic because, you know, iPhones are now like 5th appendages and you would panic too if your arm fell off and was flung into a neighboring treadmill. In fact, I hear an audible gasp from around the room: “Oh, no, she’s dropped her smart phone on a treadmill!” I don’t think that dropping a baby would have garnered that much anxious worry from the group.

Acutely aware that the room is watching to see […]

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Praying for Discretion

What do You Pray For?
Lately, I've been thinking about praying for discretion.
I already pray for Wisdom.
I've done this for years, because although I can be slow to figure some things out, it didn't take me too long to realize that I am pretty stupid on my own.
I also pray for Faith and for Charity. By myself, I'm not so good at either one of those.
So I'm a bit hesitant to add more to the already lengthy list of attributes I need to develop, but this prayer thing really works. 
You can pray for anything.
I pray to find the video camera memory card because I need to record the 5th grade play in one hour.
I pray to be a better visiting teacher.
When I'm not in the mood to pray, I pray, "Please help me to  want to pray."
Let's face it, the monotony of life gets heavy and sometimes I want to throw in the whole load of towels.
Most days I just pray, "Please help me want to do the laundry."
And it works, it really does.
For example, several years ago I decided that I took life way too seriously and that I needed to develop a sense of humor, so I started praying for  humor. Then (like most things) I forgot about it, until a year or so later I came across a page in my journal where I had written,  
Things to pray for:  *Humor
 And I realized that I am funnier that I used to be. I promise. I am.
So about this discretion thing…
In a church lesson about honesty, a lady asked, "If my friend asks me if her hair looks bad, and it does, do I tell her the truth?"
Another lady said, you can […]

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Generation Gap

Little Z Man comes to me, "Mom. What is this?" He emphasizes each word and puts out his hand showing me what he seems to believe is the most absurd and unusual object he has ever discovered.
"That," I say, "is a cassette tape."

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Little Z and the One Shoe Band

Dear  Producers:
Please consider this audition for American Idol 2026.

If Simon Cowell says anything rude, my sister-in-law and I will poke his eyes out.
p.s. The next seven verses are the same as the first three.
 * * * * *

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